And then there were three


I’m beyond happy to share with you that Elijah Philip Paul Durdin arrived safely with us a week ago at 7.59am on Saturday 21st February weighing 8 lb 9.5oz at 41 weeks and 2 days gestation.

He was born at home in front of a roaring fire (a detail that I mention because it reminds me of the book about home birth for kids – Hello Baby –
and makes me smile) after a very quick labour. The midwives just about made it here and the kids only just missed it! I wouldn’t have minded if they were still here but given what then happened, it was probably just as well that they had gone.

I attempted for the third time, and failed for the third time, to have a physiological third stage (to deliver the placenta naturally) but this time with more serious consequences as I had to transfer to hospital in an ambulance for a retained placenta. A third was delivered with the cord but the rest stayed stubbornly inside. I was speedily transferred and was whisked to surgery to have a spinal block and manual removal. All was well but I lost about 30% of my blood volume and was quite tachycardic (heart rate was up in the 160’s at one point during recovery) so I stayed in overnight before coming home on Sunday.

I’ll tell the whole birth story properly at some point in the future but thought I’d just do a quick update to explain my radio silence. Recovery has been harder than I expected, turns out losing a third of your blood takes it toll on you, who knew?! I’ve been on serious bed rest, haven’t left the house yet and still feel dizzy and weak if I spend too much time on my feet. But I am far from gloomy. The oxytocin is flowing in our house! Elijah is a gorgeous, calm little soul. He’s feeding well, very relaxed and very loved! Sophia and Isaac are loving on him hard, lots of cuddling and helping us are being done. Isaac is a bit emotional and clingy but that’s to be expected.

I’m also feeling incredibly blessed for the support of family and friends. From Mum who dropped everything and jumped on a train to look after the big two last weekend to the Church folk who have fed us all week with their meal rota, to Laurie for taking the kids at very short notice at 6.30 in the morning before Mum arrived to the wonderful wonderful Fab who has also stocked our freezer with meals, taken the kids out and just been absolutely amazing and then all our other good friends who have offered practical help, support and company. Thank you to you all! But my biggest thank you goes out to Dan. He has been beyond incredible, looking after all 5 of us and the house, continuing to do home ed bits with Sophia, being clung to like glue by a slightly insecure Isaac, taking the big two to their groups, changing nappies, cuddling Elijah so I can have a bath in peace, hoovering, feeding, cleaning, emotionally supporting and even managing to fit in his weights still 😉 A true super husband! I just wish I could repay him with more than words. Thank you husbot, I love you!

And I’ll leave you on that sappy note with some pictures from our first week.




Always the joker!




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