Starting (educationally) afresh

Although it is now March (I can’t quite believe we’re in the third month of the year already but apparently that is indeed the case!), I feel like our 2015 home ed year is just about to start. I chose not to follow the Winter Wonderland wee folk art curriculum after Christmas as I didn’t think we’d get the 12 weeks done in time with a new arrival blessing our family and somewhat disrupting things for a while. So my plan is to do that next January and for the last two months our home education has comprised of KS1 workbooks, expanding what we’ve been looking at in our home ed groups at home, the James Dyson Foundation Challenge cards once a week and various miscellaneous activities that have taken our fancy.

But now Elijah is here and Dan’s paternity leave is coming to an end I am gearing up to start the Spring B’s curriculum with Sophia (and to a lesser extent, Isaac) next week, providing the first weeks books arrive in time! I think having the loose structure to follow will help as I adjust to juggling three as I won’t need to think too much about what to do, I can just look at the notes and see what is on the plan for any given week. The books they suggest were without exception, lovely choices in the harvest time curriculum so I’m hoping the same is true for this Spring curriculum.

We’re hastily getting some seeds sown this week and potatoes have been chitting for a few weeks and should be ready for planting soon. I’ve also signed up to an experiment that the University of Sussex is conducting called Bees N’ Beans. They send you free seeds to grow beans and in exchange you have to monitor how many get pollinated and report back. It’s part of their research on bees in the wild and seems like a win-win opportunity to me! It starts in April so it’s not too late to sign up if you fancy joining in.

I’m not quite sure how comprehensively we’ll be able to follow and fulfill these plans with a newborn added into the mix (I forgot about cluster feeds and my multitasking skills need some polishing!) but I like having the goals there. I am trying to remember to go easy on myself and am reminding myself that Sophia is only reception year so she’s certainly not missing out on anything. Am also trying to not let the messy house and mountains of laundry get to me! This is only a short period so am trying to enjoy the gorgeous newborn cuddles, spend some quality time with my big ones and Dan and chill out about everything else!

Apologies that this post hasn’t been that interesting, I was mostly trying to make a record of my plans so I can look back as needed. I hope this finds you all well and I’ll leave you with a few more photos from the last two weeks for your viewing pleasure!





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