The end of an era…

I’m referring of course to Dan’s twenties as he turned the big 3-0 a fortnight ago. I’ve been doing a birthday post for the kids for the last few years now and couldn’t resist the opportunity to mark Dan’s milestone birthday here on the blog (though don’t go expecting one every year husbot)!

It’s taken me a while to catch up as we spent his birthday weekend camping at West Town Farm in Ide for our dear friends Kate and Ben’s wedding and last weekend camping at the marvellous Burnbake campsite in Dorset for Dan’s 30th with a group of family and friends. Busy busy!

September will mark ten years since we met and without being soppy, I can safely say that there is no one I’d have rather spent the last decade with. It has been an absolute pleasure and a complete privilege to have been his fellow adventurer as we’ve moved a ridiculous number of times, lived on a boat, played lots of music, discovered a love of weightlifting and (I guess they should get a mention) produced three rather outstanding children.


He is an outstanding husband and father, annoyingly clever, loving, quietly considerate and wise, has a soul meltingly beautiful singing voice and tops it all off with the most wicked sense of humour and mischievous grin I’ve ever seen. (The kids are fast becoming A class pranksters under his tutelage…)

Thank you my dear for the last decade, love you more than my rambling words will ever convey. Here’s to the next ten!

dan and I

happy dan and i


Notice a theme here…. 😉

baby 1

thanks dan



they all love daddy

They all love Daddy the most!

singing dan


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