A new dresser


Funny how sometimes just something simple like a new to us (family heirloom) dresser can transform a room and with it, lift your mood. Every time I walk through the living room at the moment my eye is drawn to this corner and for some reason it makes me really happy. We may live in a tiny rented house with crumbly walls and carpets that have seen better days but this is a good spot. Maybe that makes me slightly vain but there you have it, I find pleasure in the sturdy pine dresser,  concealing within it all manner of craft materials and the comfy papasan chair nestled beside it. 

It also gave me the impetus to tidy up another spot, admittedly not such a pretty one. I’ve finally cleared and reorganised my home ed unit,  ready for the new school year in September.  Now I can relax and enjoy the holidays! I’ve been working on a post about our home ed direction and future plans, fitting as we’ve just finished our first ‘proper’ year. Progress is slow though I’m afraid,  I’ve been expending my precious childfree time elsewhere,  working out a lot, penning my ramblings for the column, doing some other research and writing. I’ll try and not neglect the blog though,  promise! 

I’d better keep this short and sweet and shoot off now though, a soggy (but thoroughly enjoyable) camping trip on Dartmoor this weekend has left me in need of my bed. Hope this finds you all well, happy and enjoying the last days of July, in spite of the rain.

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