E+E Column: Autumn, Good Morning

It might just be because I’m one of those annoying eternally optimistic people but every time a new season starts to creep in, I remember why I love the corresponding time of year and get excited about what that particular season holds. Every season is my favourite whilst in the midst of it! And so it was as I drove down the A380 today, that I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty in the changing colours of the leaves of the trees lining each side of the road. So I thought I’d write a bit of an ode to the incoming Autumn in an attempt to cheer up those that are less than happy about the darker days and colder weather (my daughter included!)

I write this after hearing rain beating down on the windows all evening as we’ve stayed tucked up inside with a roaring fire in the hearth. And that, in itself, is one of my favourite things about Autumn. Having a good excuse to stay inside in the warm, curling up with the kids and watching a movie with hot chocolate, playing board games with friends, doing lots of knitting to keep the heads and hands of loved ones warm and cooking lots of roast dinners (definitely not a meal of the summer!) And yes, the Summer might bring lazy days on the beach and prosecco on the quay side but the Autumn will bring windy walks by the canal and cider by the fire.

It also brings with it Bonfire Night. The last few years we’ve found ourselves at Topsham Rugby Club for their Guy Fawkes Night bonfire and fireworks display and I suspect we’ll do the same this year. I remember last year, being absolutely freezing and starting to regret standing around, heavily pregnant, in the dark and cold with two small children, feeding them hot chocolate from a flask to keep going, when suddenly, the sky lit up with dazzling colours. In my mind, there is nothing to cheer low spirits like some good fireworks. The combination of noise, exploding bursts of colour and excitement filling the air is unbeatable. Isaac was particularly enthralled last year, I’m looking forward to it again in just a few weeks.

Finally, and I do apologise in advance for saying the dreaded ‘C’ word in October, but in Autumn you can’t help but avoid the beginnings of excitement as Christmas looms on the not-so-distant horizon, especially if there are small, over-excitable people in your household. After a mild panic at the beginning of December last year, I’ve started shopping already so I can hopefully avoid any more festive meltdowns. It doesn’t help that all three birthdays of our children and Christmas fall within 12 weeks of each other. Not the best planning…

So really, what’s not to like? Staying warm and dry by the fire, the beauty of changing leaves, fireworks and gorging on early mince pies. That’s not bad going for a season that tends to get a bad rep if you ask me! In the words of Sophia’s favourite song from her old Steiner playgroup; Autumn, good morning, Summer, good night.


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