In between days

I always think of the week between Christmas and New Years as a bit of a no mans land in terms of time. It’s a funny period where most folk aren’t feeling particularly festive anymore but aren’t quite back to normal either. I’ve especially felt this this year. A combination of putting up decorations far too early in retrospect (1st December!) and then Christmas being marred by poor old Dan having the flu has left me feeling a bit all over the place these last few days. In fact, I’m pondering next year delaying the start of festivities until after Sophia’s birthday in order to have the oomph to observe the 12 days of Christmas and keep feeling festive until Epiphany on the 6th. Sophia is not so keen on this idea….

I also didn’t manage to take any photos on Christmas Day itself as Dan was still feeling pretty rough so I was trying to keep all three relatively well behaved and chilled at his parents in Surrey (am sure I failed miserably-sorry Chris and Paul!) I’m hoping others might have pictures to share in due course 🙂

I think part of my restlessness is the break from normal routine. I miss our groups and seeing friends regularly, the novelty of lazy mornings is wearing off and cabin fever is setting in (a condition considerably exacerbated by the horrific weather). The kids are feeling the same and I think we’ll all be feeling more settled once we get back in the swing of things next week.

Reading back, I’m unintentionally coming across quite negative and reflective. I’ve had a lovely Christmas this year. It was wonderful to spend time with the Durdin contingent (even if it was cut short) and the kids enjoyed the run up to Christmas and the day itself without too many tears or tantrums. Sophia sweetly announced to me several times that although she was looking forward to getting presents, she was more excited about celebrating Jesus’ birthday which nade me smile. I think we got the balance right this year.

We’ve also very much enjoyed catching up with friends and family who are usually at work, school or university. Definitely a plus of the holidays! A beach trip with our old Brighton friends turned into soft play to escape the wind and a most enjoyable afternoon was spent catching up with one of the families we very much miss!


Babies making friends 🙂


Impossible getting a good pic as always!

Hoping you’ve all had a great Christmas season and are feeling relaxed and peaceful.


Christmas Eve Walk!


'Traditional' stocking picture

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