E+E Column: This is Bill

He might have appeared on your newsfeed over the last few weeks and I’m not going to lie, he’s starting to really wind me up. At first, when one of the Bill memes popped up I thought, hey, this is quite funny. But then there was another, and another, and another, until every second item was that pesky stickman. For those of you lucky enough to have absolutely no clue what I’m talking about, a meme is an image, usually with text pasted on, that is meant to be funny and if successful, is spread around the internet at a rate of knots. This one in particular features a crudely drawn stickman with accompanying text; This is Bill, Bill [insert annoying habit that Bill avoids], Bill is smart. Be like Bill. Since the first one appeared, there have been many variations, all along similar lines.

I’m aware that I might just be coming across like a grumpy git but I do have a couple of issues with the use of Bill. First and probably, foremost, I’m starting to take issue with the passive aggressive nature of the memes. If you have a problem with someone or something, surely it’s much better just to be upfront and honest about the issue than to post a sarcastic meme instead. If I was the source of your contention, that would pretty much just poke the bear and rile me up, it’s unlikely I’d pay any attention to the message you were trying to get across. They say honesty is the best policy for a reason. Sure, no one likes confrontation but it is generally much better to talk about an issue than snarkily make comments surrounding it.

Secondly, the Bill memes are losing any humurous appeal due to the sheer volume of them. You know when a child tells the same joke ten times in a row and you have to explain that it’s not really funny when told that many times? Well someone needs to tell the internet the same thing. Yes, it was funny. Now it’s definitely not. The surest way to deflate humour is to overuse the same technique. Use your imagination, people of the internet! So apologies for my ranting column this week guys, I like a good ol’ meme as good as the next person (the baby making a fist still makes me laugh) but let’s have some original material. Let’s work the old grey matter and come up with something that genuinely makes people laugh out loud. Have enclosed what I’d like to see happen to Bill (sorry dude!)…


(I’ve been really slack at putting the column’s up onto here hence 3 in a week! Will try and revert back to doing it weekly!)


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