E+E Column: Growing Up

Ever since the inception of my blog, I’ve written a special post every time the kids celebrate a birthday. It’s been a nice way to mark the passing of another year and to reflect on how they’ve changed. This year however, I haven’t managed to do so. Turns out having three kids has made me busier than I  anticipated and I fully intended to write birthday posts for them but didn’t. Now, as I approach Elijah’s first birthday, I thought I would transfer my ramblings about birthdays to the column this time instead.

I can’t quite believe that I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old and very almost a one year old! The years have simultaneously sped and dragged by. Parenthood is funny like that, there’s a certain monotony that can set in but it is redeemed by being offset by bursts of joy, laughter and wonderment as we watch these small folk grow up. In my opinion, the first year is still the most stark example of this contrast. I’m not going to lie, a lot of the time babies are just plain boring. They sleep a lot, they feed, they cry, they poop. Not particularly exciting. And if your tiniest of offspring is prone to crying a lot, tiresome would be a good adjective. But, (and thankfully there is a but) watching the transformation from a tiny bundle that does naught to a moving, giggling, interactive toddler at 12 months is nothing short of magical. At no other time does someone change so much both physically and mentally in such a short space of time. And whilst with the first two I may not have fully appreciated this, third time round, I have mostly been able to fully enjoy all the good and not get too dragged down by the negative aspects of Elijah’s first year.

It feels bittersweet that my last baby is about to turn one. I have absolutely loved watching him change, watching him find his space in the world and in our family. He is such a happy little beast and so full of life. He is non stop, climbing and running everywhere, joining in with noisy shrieking games. He is determined and loves to laugh, discover and generally cause mischief. I feel sad that I won’t experience his baby firsts again but am looking forward to the next set of firsts and hoping they don’t pass too quickly, though know that they probably will. Happy Birthday Eli, we love you!


(A little late but better than never!)

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