E+E Column: Ready, Steady…Go!

Over the last few weeks, Elijah has morphed from baby into fully fledged toddler. Funny how it seems to happen in the blink of an eye. He’s started saying his first few words and along with the obligatory Daddy, more and ‘Annah! (in place of Mummy apparently), he’s also mastered the phrase ‘ready, steady…..go!’ As well as being unbelievably cute, it has turned out to be quite useful as it gives you a 30 second warning that you’re about to have a marble, cup or book lobbed at your head. His big brother and sister find the whole thing hilarious and actually, I have to say I agree with them. 

I’ve said it many times now over the last 7 years but I firmly believe that toddlers are designed in such a way to possess exactly equal amounts of cuteness and behaviours that are, to put it blunty, pretty tiresome! It turns out that Eli actually has quite a temper on him and this has been emerging over the last week or so. Yesterday Sophia peeled a banana for him and as she did, it broke. He reacted by grabbing it, throwing it at her and running screaming into the other room where he flung himself dramatically onto the floor. Sophia mostly looked puzzled as I tried to reason with a being not quite au fait with the art of reason yet. 

Luckily, third time round, I’ve finally grasped that this is entirely normal behaviour for a person of his size. A lot of his ‘tantrums’ are due to frustration with his inability to communicate with us. He understands us perfectly and has a very definite idea of what he wants but isn’t able to communicate it to us yet. Understandable then, that he might get a little cross from time to time (that might be putting it a bit lightly!) Other not so desirable behaviours such as trying to play with the dials on the oven and plug sockets, climbing on the fireguard, trying to draw on everything except paper and destroy boardgames are not done with any malice. Rather he is just exploring the world and discovering what he is capable of. 

And at the end of the day, for every finger poked in eyes there are arms flung round my neck for a delicious cuddle, for every cup of juice tipped on the carpet there is a cute wave at every dog in a mile vicinity and for every time the fruit bowl is emptied and distributed around the house there is a ready, steady… goooo! (Though preferably followed by a balloon rather than one of the aforementioned missiles of choice!)

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