On Friday, Isaac turned one! One! And crikey, the last week he’s really been acting like a little person rather than a baby…laughing at us all, laughing at himself, playing games with us and just being a bundle of gorgeous-ness! He is one happy little man!

I’ve had friends whose children are obsessed with cars from as young as 6 months, or dinosaurs, or fish, or in the case of Sophia, books, but from almost day one, Isaac has had one focus and that has been moving. So we had planned to go to a soft play centre with some friends to allow him to fully explore and throw himself about with wild abandon. Unfortunately we were foiled by the snow and didn’t fancy driving our not always terribly reliable van across the city and back (especially as it was half full with boxes as we were completing the process of moving off the boat).

However, we didn’t let this spoil our fun and had a really really lovely day just the four of us at home, Isaac played with new toys (the Happy Hopper being a big success!) and then we took a walk so Sophia could build a snowman in the marina. We warmed up with a hot chocolate in the Laughing Dog (I’d definitely recommend) and then went home for a birthday dinner and the all important cake!

Without being soppy, it felt like a day full of love, laughter and smiles – just perfect for a little man’s first birthday.

















Happy Birthday Isaac, we love you!

How to celebrate a birthday when you’re three

Take one excitable almost three year old and add:

– a big hall

– lots of food and drinks

– many many balloons

– music (ranging from ‘The Fun Factory’ nursery rhymes, a Christmas CD and Antsy Pants!)

– classic party games

– a parachute

– a couple of doggy themed (Sophia’s chosen theme for the party – hence her costume, think she was the only one dressed up!) craft activities in the vain hope of keeping the party¬†goers on the level

– a dozen or so similarly hyper friends

– some tea drinking adults

– amazing cakes provided by a wonderful Mother-in-law

…. then throw in some crawling babies and presents for good measure and you have Sophia’s birthday party!








Unfortunately, such a good time was had that my worn out, run down little girl caught a bug and whilst she enjoyed a quiet day at home playing with her new toys with her Aunty (thanks Lydia!) and then later her best friend Seren on her actual birthday it became apparent in the afternoon that she was not very well when she threw up halfway through her birthday dinner! However, she still opted for birthday cake (more on that to come) which I’m glad to say didn’t reappear. So now a few home days are in order to rest and recuperate before Christmas! Luckily I think we’ll be well occupied due to all her birthday presents (including but not limited to: a check out till, a doctors kit, a lacing toy and an amazing play dough set!) – we have some very generous friends and family! I just wish Isaac was old enough to play gently, be read to or curl up with us and a movie as he is also ill but unfortunately his default when poorly is just to cry. So beam your healthy vibes our way please!

But to end on a funny note, Sophia has been asking for a birthday cake that has ‘spiderman, pink icing and stars’ for literally months now and as Dan’s Mum very kindly made us the incredible (and tasty!!) dog cake featured above I thought I’d give it a go. However, it was an absolute fail as my cake fell apart and had to be glued together with butter icing. Still, Sophia seemed chuffed with it so that’s the main thing and here’s a peek to give you a giggle!