This is attempt number 2 at writing and maintaining a blog but this time I feel inspired to commit.

I want a tangible record of our life and our home educating journey and although this is ‘virtual’ rather than real hold-it-in-your-hands matter I think it’s the better option….apart from anything else, paper goes mouldy in a matter of hours (it seems!) on the boat and I’m running out of space as it is (currently brainstorming the best way to keep/contain/display Sophia’s work…no closer to an answer but that’s another post).

Sorry, an introduction is probably a good way to start. I’m Hannah, Mama to Sophia (almost 3) and Isaac (9 months) and wife to Dan. We live on a 31ft catamaran called Pinaforein Brighton, UK. Dan is the Lead Transfusion Scientist at a local hospital and I am at home with the kids. I’d say we’ve always known we were going to home ed the kids and although I’ve been reading reading reading about it since Sophia arrived I feel that in the last few weeks I’ve found my stride, my confidence. I feel that WE CAN DO THIS. And I’m excited!

I’m slightly intimidated by entering the heady world of blogging; the categories, tagging, links, stats, the mystery that is twitter…. It’s enough to make a girl turn tail and run back to her knitting but no, I shall start as I mean to go on (probably with far too many exclamation marks, excessively long sentences and poor grammar!) so hello, read on if you like, I’ll try not to be too boring!

My 3 fellow boat dwellers

2 thoughts on “Ahoy!

  1. Oh my goodness! Can I say ‘jealous’?!?

    My husband and I always dreamed of living on water, but decided (well, HE decided) against it with two young boys and a third on the way.

    I for one will certainly be reading…if only to live a tiny fraction of my life through you. I was looking for home education blogs as we are looking to homeschool the boys when they are a little older and I’m trawling the blogosphere for how people started and what sort of path they follow.


  2. Thank you for stopping by. It has it’s ups and downs but we definitely love our floating life at the moment. We know a family with 3 children in the marina who were all born on board and have lived on the yacht ever since so I often refer to her as my inspiration/source of wisdom on the matter!

    How old are your boys? Are you planning to home educate from the word go or going to school first? I wish you all the best in your endeavours either way and please do stick around! I do love the blogosphere, I’m constantly searching for ideas and to see how other people do it.

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